Peter Samson
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P r o j e c t   D e t a i l  :  G r a d e d   G a m e s 





Graded Games | 1980

(1981) 16mm. B&W, 12 minutes
First screened at the London Film Makers Co-operative.

An absurd visual catalogue of pastimes: children's games and adult sports: fencing, shooting, archery & gymnastics.

"Peter Samson's method is surrealist: to uncover  a network of unintentional correspondences between images of popular memory of 1940's England, giving these images a sinister animation; (The surveyor, signalling to his colleagues, throws up his arms like a man about to be executed...)
Exploring the perverse logic of images, Samson sometimes touches on a magical order of things, like children's theories of sex; impossible, half forgotten but still uncannily plausible."
(David Finch)

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